C.F.D.A. Special Vendor

1) $550.00 Video Recording and Live Streaming service. (Must have internet connection, at least 15  Mbps speed) Includes editing of video, 1 camera, and one free DVD. 20 % discount with card Service.

​( $20.00 a piece for extra DVD's )

Live Streaming viewing for 90 days.

For Weddings, Funeral/Memorials, Birthday parties and more. 20% discount with Card Service.

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  ForEver Memories

Slideshow Service Consist ( if you don't have your own photos) of myself making a house call to take photo: cost includes $75.00 an hour plus travel cost.

1). Premium Video DVD Service includes 30 Photo's

( additional photo's $3.00 each). You can arrange pictures in the order you want them. Special motion effects will be added to to Video recording finish. 1 or 2 songs of unlicensed                        ( Legal ) music                               ( 7 minutes max ) Captions can be added on photo's of your choosing     $249.00        1 DVD with order $20.00 a piece for extra DVD's. 20% discount with card service.

24 to 72 HRS. for most DVD service.

​​​​ForEver Memories​- offers Video Recording and Live Streaming of Weddings, Birthday Parties, Funeral/Memorial Services, and onsite Video Recording of Weddings, Birthday Parties, Funerals, Cremation Services if you wish. We also provide Slideshow photo services with the use of special features to create lasting memories through videos.

Our Picture Service consist of Customize Wedding Cards, Birthday Cards,  Memorial Cards, Thank You Cards, Bookmarks, Prayer Cards, Folder Cards, and Remembrance Cards. 

B) Pricing Video Production Services

Weddings, Funerals and Birthday Parties.

​​​A) Pricing: Memorial Tribute Slideshow

Birthdays and Weddings Also.

Video Service Price List


​1 to 3 days for edited finished version.

C.F.D.A. Special Vendor